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Picking up "Project Alcan"

Picking up "Project Alcan"


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It's 5:15am on a Friday morning and I grabbed some coffee and jumped in the Raptor to drive 90 miles to work. I woke up at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. I have thoughts of the Alcan 5000 running through my mind.

"How far is it to Washington state? Oh right...2,344 miles."..."So...2,344 miles plus 5000 miles times 2 plus another 2,344 need more coffee for this."

Today begins a very long 36+ hours. I know I'll leave for work in Southfield Michigan at 5:30am and then around 12 hours later, I'll head to Detroit Michigan to pick up Mike and we'll start the, roughly 7 hour trip to Illinois to grab the 1935 Ford Pickup that Mike bought about 5 years ago and trailer it back to Detroit the next day.

Why are we doing this? you may have read in a previous post here, Mike sold his primary vehicle and now we're starting from scratch...and not just scratch...whatever comes before scratch. It would probably be easier to build a tube chassis vehicle for the Alcan 5000 than to rebuild this 1935 Ford.  But that wouldn't be as cool. As this time, we believe this truck will be the oldest vehicle in the Alcan 5000 this year and it will definitely be the most ambitious adventure Mike and I will attempt thus far.

So that's why.

We leave Detroit at around 6:30pm and head towards Illinois. The trip was pretty uneventful which was great, and traffic was surprisingly light. After about 3 hours in, we stop and get some essentials to any of our adventures. Old Trapper Beef jerky is the primary candidate. Mike likes "Original" and  "Teriyaki" flavors and I'm all about "Peppered" jerky, in case anyone was wondering.

We arrive at around 1am and stumble into bed at Mike parents' and Mike points me towards a spare bed and I pretty much fall into it and that's the last thing I remember for the next 8 hours.

I wake up and head downstairs. Mike's parents are amazing people and Mike's mother looks at my face and instantly asks if I want coffee! "Why, yes please!" I respond. Mike and his dad are heading out to look at another truck that they recently saw was for sale nearby, so I start in on my coffee to try and gear up for the rest of the day.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 4.39.56 PM.png

A few minutes later, Mike comes back and we start loading up parts for the 35' into my truck. Then we try to start the 35' to drive it up onto the trailer. Crank...crank...rumble rumble...crank...crank...crank... It fires but it's not getting fuel. It appears the fuel pump isn't primed anymore.

DSC00027 copy

So we winched it up on the trailer instead, said thanks and goodbye to his parents and hit the road. About 7 hours later at 11mpg, we arrive back in Detroit. The 35 is home, safe and sound.

DSC00039 copy

Now begins the next leg of the adventure. Building!

Stay tuned for updates! It's about to get heavy.


VIDEO: #ProjectAlcan5000 Episode 1

VIDEO: #ProjectAlcan5000 Episode 1

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Oldest Car in the Alcan5000