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Fair Weather Pony

Fair Weather Pony

We all know the person. Wakes up in the morning, makes some coffee, puts on some shoes and wanders outside. Looks up at the sky, examines the horizon, maybe even tears up a couple grass leaves and tosses them into the air.

“Too cloudy, may rain”

“Too windy, may kick up too much dirt.”

“Too sunny, may ruin my leather interior.”

“Too cold, she won’t run nicely.”

“Too hot, I may get sweaty.”

There are a thousand excuses to not drive your weekend car. I used to rebel against such ideas. Now – ehh…

You see, back when my dad and I went in on a ’14 Mustang GT, 6 speed manual, I had every intention of daily driving the thing. Heck, whenever the car was up with me, I did! I even got Blizzaks and drove it through my fair few snow and ice storms. Much to the chagrin of my coworkers, I did it. I daily drove a Mustang year round.

Then I moved to an apartment downtown. It was not the fear of the weather than concerned me then. Rather the fear of anyone else moving the car. So unfortunately, for the majority of my year living in the city, the Mustang sat in the parking lot at work. Sunshine, rain, snow, sleet, it took it all in stride. Heck, it even sprung a tire leak! Without moving! Amazing!

Fast forward, back in the burbs, I moved it into the garage for the upcoming winter months. I never put the winter tires on it, and anyone with too many excuses knows that “summer tires lose grip with anything under 50°F”. So I took it for a thorough wash (yes, I know…relax) and parked it in the garage.

Every once in a while, I looked at it wistfully – dreaming 6 months into the future about the summer months. Driving with the windows down. Pacing through the gears. Driving how driving was meant to be done.

Spring months came, however spring had not sprung. In fact, spring had thrown in the white towel. Winter retained its belt. We got some snow up until nearly May. Temperatures were still in the 40s at night.

Which, dear reader, is “too cold, tires won’t grip”.

The summer has come along. Hot, humid days are abound. I took it out, have driven it as much as possible. This past weekend, I drove back to Chicago to visit my family-

I took my pickup truck.

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